Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I wish everybody seeing this Merry Christmas!
When you don't give up and wish so hard, your voice will be heard in a way!
May all your dreams come true in 2009~*~*~*

Thanksgiving meal hardship

Thanksgiving meal hardship

"It is pretty hard to accept that people eating these big lovely turkey birds every year in Thanksgiving day." Emily said.
-I'm submitting it to the IF 'similar' with hoping this little girl not to find the similarity of her favorite bird and the meal on the table. ;p

LA Zoo Sketch

I've done some sketches at the LA Zoo.
It was crowd so many people than animals though.

LA.Zoo sketch
LA.Zoo sketchLA Zoo Sketch

The Adventures of Gugu the Egg 3

The Adventures of Gugu the egg

this is the third finished sample of my book "The Adventures of Gugu the egg".
yoo hoo! it's getting filled up!

The adventures of Gugu the egg 2

The adventures of Gugu the egg

I am proud to announce this second sample of 'The adventures of the Gugu the egg'!

The adventures of Gugu the egg

The adventures of Gugu the egg

I've finished a sample of my picture book "The Adventures of Gugu the egg".
I find out that it will be not easy to turn these all same simple shapes into their true interesting shapes. lol
Buddies, please find your true selves~~!

Mermaid the sadness

I guess I've done another different style.
I am wondering why I can't settle down with one style.
Maybe one day......

Mermaid the sadness.
How pretending it is! :P

Illustrator's Day by SCBWI-LA

I attended Illustrator's Day hosted by SCBWI-LA last Saturday.
I am still overwhelmed by all the helpful information about the industry and amazing speakers.
I've learn a lot and feel I get one step close to the new world ahead of me!

Repair, fresh up and start new!

Repair, fresh up and start new!

When I saw this turquoise blue Vespa from some magazine about Portland, I wish I wanted to ride it wherever can repair me, fresh me up, and start new me me me! and the place must be this full of sweet stuffs that I like!

Kon-gi is LATE for the party

kon-gi late
When I saw this week's IF topic "Late" I was immediately thinking of doing "Cinderella" late to the home before the spell disappearing. While I was doing the sketch for the illustration, I changed my mind. Oh yeah. There is "Kon-gi and Pah-gi", Korean version of "Cinderella". Kon-gi is the Cinderella in the story and she gets help from toads, sparrows to go to the party. But instead meeting the prince in the party, this story is showing that Kon-gi left her shoe in the water stream when she is hurry to the party and it's caught by Mr. Charming.

"Kon-gi and Pah-gi" color study

Some color study and BW tonal for illustration "Kon-gi and Pah-gi". Which one would be better for the general color? .................. OK. I decide and will move on to the next level.
kon-gi bw tone kon-gi color study kon-gi color study

The adventure of Gugu - Page Draft

p. 32, 1 (back and front covers)

p. 2, 3 (inner covers)

p. 4, 5

p. 6, 7

p. 8, 9

p. 10, 11

p. 12, 13

p. 14, 15

p. 16, 17

p. 18, 19

p. 20, 21

p. 22, 23

p. 24, 25

p. 26, 27

p. 26 unfolded

p. 28, 29

p. 30, 31 (inner covers)

The adventure of Gugu

After I finish the freelance works, I continue making my first book "The Adventure of the little egg Gugu". Working on my own project alone is very lonely and absolutely needs lots of patient. After sending my huz to the company and finishing the Pilates class in the gym(Oh, I strongly recommend Pilates for all the artist especially those who have weak back like me), my studio time starts with coffee and some music. To tell you the truth, I have to watch out not to drink too much coffee for my teeth and caffeine addict. I am going too high and crazy and have to get out to cool down myself. -ㅅ-;;
I had this idea for long time, probably 2-3yrs and finally making as a book. I've already made rough Flash animation with this idea. I just love this time that I can be concentrated on my own work. Making my own children's book has been my long time dream since I was 7yrs old. Yes, I was making my own story with illustration since then. ;) Cheers to all the independent artists and long time dreamer including myself!

Introducing my submarine!

Introducing my submarine!

"I made it. Really! It works! I can show it too."

Care your pet?

care your pet?

When the little nutty princess is walking the string to cross the jungle, she didn't care about her pet. 'What about me......'

Giant baby likes sugary stuffs

for Illustration Friday subject "Sugary".
It's been a while doing IF project, but I should say that thank to IF I am keeping myself up.
Think about sugary stuffs, I think I am more crazy about creamy stuffs. Both all bad! bad!

Giant baby likes sugary stuffs - details

Shy Bunny

Shy Bunny

Shy Bunny

So I finally finished my first felt bunny. My sewing has been always terrible, but I had lots of fun two hours with her. I named her "Shy Bunny" since she looks somehow sad. probably because of her eyes. I am thinking what I would do with her. Decorating my old hat? Broach? Bag? Hmm BUT Miss Bunny is too shy to be everywhere......

Hmm she is not that neat but I like that she looks so warm and shy, Shy Bunny.

My new biz-card design

I used Overnight Print and it came out pretty great. Now, time to spread them!

This makes me feel good hmm~

This makes me feel good hmm~, originally uploaded by Cream Iyaki.

Could it be true?
Well... who knows!

Spring Cleaning Surprise

Spring Cleaning Surprise

A chipmunk got her new home during winter time but surprised little green fairies on the Spring cleaning day!

작은 다람쥐는 겨울동안 있을 새 집을 찾았지만, 초록 요정들의 봄대청소 날 요정들을 깜짝 놀라게 했어요!

Figure Painting: untitled

Figure painting

I've always loved doing figure paintings. I liked to capture the characters' right moments, even just few seconds when people are revealing their desires, mood and personalities. Today's model had that attitude of the elegance and lofty air and I loved it. She was great model.

used Pastel for 2hrs on the blue pastel paper

10 Face Expression Study

Face Expression Study

I made this one <10> for OC illustrator's meeting assignment. I picked 10 of my face drawings and colored them with Painter X Digital water color brush(Simple Water). Painter is very fun and lots of brushes and textures to explore.