Little Tea Time

Little Tea Time

Just a little tea time that I need now. makes me wrapped in thought.

Eh...actually I had too much tea recently. ;P








Copyright 2009 Picture Window Books
I feel lucky to be in this project because I always wanted to create art about Princesses! I can't wait to see the finished book.

Hug of Death

Hug Of Death
Careful to hug your wife, when she feels gassy.


"The adventures of Gugu the egg" got an Honorable Mention in SCBWI Don Freeman Grants!
I am not the first winner but it still means to me a lot.
Thank you!!


..... right now....
only my fish knows.

Exploring myself

starts new. :p
I will begin with exploring myself.

Mindy in Wonderland

Mindy in Wonderland

I made this for my lovely youngest sister Mindy's B-day. Especially she loves Cinnamoroll character from Sanrio which is flying in the sky. The cake looks a bit sloppy but it must taste great.
Mindy and I once promised to go this dreamy wonderland together. I am still chasing the dream. You too, right, Mindy?

The Dog Walker

The Dog Walker cover

The Dog Walker p.6The Dog Walker p.7

The Dog Walker p.8The Dog Walker p.9

The Dog Walker p.10The Dog Walker p.11

The Dog Walker p.12

Title: "The Dog Walker" ("Go Go Reading" English educational book series)
Art Director: Steve Myhre from English Educational Curriculum International Inc.
Publisher: Yoon's English Academy

I've very enjoyed working on this project and also learned a lot about educational book illustrations. The most pleasant thing was that I've grown up with Yoon's English Academy books for learning English in Korea. Now I am making the book in USA. I might have had some connection with Mr. Yoon in my previous life. :p
I hope children in Korea can get good education with this book! Study hard, kids!

Animal Kingdom 31. #4. Dolphin

Sometimes you gotta learn from the basic not only relying on your instinct.

Animal Kingdom 31. #3. Mr. Hedgehog

Animal Kingdom 31. #3 Hedgehog

Mr. Hedgehog said "...too much".

Yoga Hellboy

Yoga Hellboy

I guess Hellboy can do many things.

Animal Kingdom 31. #2. Cat Nabi

Animal Kingdom 31. #2. Cat Nabi

Nabi is my friend's cat. She likes to play with the ball and strings.

Animal Kingdom 31. #1. Cow boy

Animal Kingdom 31. #1. Cow.boy
I decided to draw one animal per a day and finish 31 animal drawings. I call this "Animal Kingdom 31". I am gonna invest my 30min.-1hour for this project everyday. The purpose is to have fun and experiment some different style.

Today is a cow boy.

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up
just some fun sketch...
Today is hot here in LA.
It is summer already!

2009 New year resolution

My 2009 resolution

My 2009 resolution ;
Read more, Draw better, Eat less!

Happy 2009!