The adventure of Gugu

After I finish the freelance works, I continue making my first book "The Adventure of the little egg Gugu". Working on my own project alone is very lonely and absolutely needs lots of patient. After sending my huz to the company and finishing the Pilates class in the gym(Oh, I strongly recommend Pilates for all the artist especially those who have weak back like me), my studio time starts with coffee and some music. To tell you the truth, I have to watch out not to drink too much coffee for my teeth and caffeine addict. I am going too high and crazy and have to get out to cool down myself. -ㅅ-;;
I had this idea for long time, probably 2-3yrs and finally making as a book. I've already made rough Flash animation with this idea. I just love this time that I can be concentrated on my own work. Making my own children's book has been my long time dream since I was 7yrs old. Yes, I was making my own story with illustration since then. ;) Cheers to all the independent artists and long time dreamer including myself!

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