Animal Kingdom 31. #4. Dolphin

Sometimes you gotta learn from the basic not only relying on your instinct.

Animal Kingdom 31. #3. Mr. Hedgehog

Animal Kingdom 31. #3 Hedgehog

Mr. Hedgehog said "...too much".

Yoga Hellboy

Yoga Hellboy

I guess Hellboy can do many things.

Animal Kingdom 31. #2. Cat Nabi

Animal Kingdom 31. #2. Cat Nabi

Nabi is my friend's cat. She likes to play with the ball and strings.

Animal Kingdom 31. #1. Cow boy

Animal Kingdom 31. #1. Cow.boy
I decided to draw one animal per a day and finish 31 animal drawings. I call this "Animal Kingdom 31". I am gonna invest my 30min.-1hour for this project everyday. The purpose is to have fun and experiment some different style.

Today is a cow boy.

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up
just some fun sketch...
Today is hot here in LA.
It is summer already!

2009 New year resolution

My 2009 resolution

My 2009 resolution ;
Read more, Draw better, Eat less!

Happy 2009!