Figure Painting : Go Back

Some figure painting I've done......
Used Pastel on the pastel papers

Figure Painting : Passion


Pastel on the Canson 98lb textured paper

IF: Fat astro boy FAIL

Fat Astro Boy Failed

"I wanted to fly......"
A real person inspired me :>

I felt so ironical when I found this article about "Fat Astro Boy" today 04/18/08. The article says that Tezuka production is really making "Fat Astro Boy" project for the 80th anniversary of Tezuka's birth. It called "AvoCali Style" combining "Avocado Maki" the famous Sushi in Japan and "California roll". They wanted to promote the Astro Boy to young people in these days.
I am not sure what is so related "Astro boy" to Sushi anyway.
They admitted that many "Astro Boy" fans had complaint about this new "Fat Astro Boy" design. I know I know... Mine is better...k k ;)
They are also talking about how Tezuka production is endeavoring to revive "Astro Boy " including their limited golden Astro boy status which made with pure gold and diamonds, priced almost $10k and "Fat Astro Boy" cell phones.
Also 3D animation "Astro Boy" will be released in 2009 which Yunglo is working on now as a modeler! You gotta be proud of it, ugh?

Figure Painting : Glory

Pastel on the Canson 98lb textured paper

Sand cake under the sea

Sand Cake under the sea
in Adobe Illustrator

iYAKi Design Cards by me~*

I opened my new shop selling greeting cards - real paper ones plus some of free e-card too. It's not about big money but I am having fun very much!

Cloud Cake Birthday CardCheese Cake from little kind Mouse

I created those two birthday cards and so far my favorites among the 4 cards :P.

Homage to mothers

Homage to mothers
Illustration Friday project. This week topic: Homage.
Done in Painter X with digital water color - round water blend, spatter water, salt brushes.