Shy Bunny

Shy Bunny

Shy Bunny

So I finally finished my first felt bunny. My sewing has been always terrible, but I had lots of fun two hours with her. I named her "Shy Bunny" since she looks somehow sad. probably because of her eyes. I am thinking what I would do with her. Decorating my old hat? Broach? Bag? Hmm BUT Miss Bunny is too shy to be everywhere......

Hmm she is not that neat but I like that she looks so warm and shy, Shy Bunny.


Xavier Salomó said...

Hi! Just found your blog..!
Your work us brilliant.
I love the picture of the children face... waw! It's amazing.
Congratulations from Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.